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When Mike Donahue was a teenager, he was mesmerized by electronics. So much so, that he hung around electronics stores while most kids were hanging out at the local arcade. That led to his first job installing car stereos, which led to home installations, and by 25 years old, Mike was the store manager. Twenty-Six years later, Mike still loves electronics and the excitement they bring.

In 2019, everything changed when Mike's employer of 17 years decided to close. That's when Zen Tech Solutions was born. After 26 years, Mike struck out on his own and immediately hit the ground running.

Mike built a lot of great relationships with his customers over the years, so it was a natural transition for everyone. He was able to start with a great customer base, and they were able to work with someone that knew their system backwards and forwards.

We're living in the middle of a technological revolution, that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. With that abrupt change, the technology in your home can get confusing and frustrating. That's why Zen Tech Solutions is here.

Our goal is to help our customers take advantage of all the great home technology, without the frustration. After all, the technology in your home should enhance your life, not become a burden. We're tech savvy so you don't have to be.

We understand home technology, and we work hard to know how that technology will fit into our customers' lifestyle.

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